The Neighborhoods of San Francisco

I have several collections of notes and photos and such concerning San Francisco (e.g. this site's More Mosaic Sites in San Francisco), all organized by neighborhood. Some of those collections are large, which made it important to exactly define each neighborhood and to be able to put them into a consistent order.

Existing maps weren't quite satisfactory. I'd have liked to use some official city definition of neighborhoods, but the Department of Planning and Traffic's map data is too high level, omitting many important neighborhoods. The San Francisco Association of Realtors' neighborhood map has a good level of detail and is often insightful about the exact boundaries between neighborhoods, but it skips a few, such as Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf and the Lower Haight.

So I made my own map, about 90% taken from the SFAR map but with changes and additions that made sense to me. After several rounds of revision it was much less different from the SFAR map than I'd expected, but I still found it handy to have my own that I could edit as I needed. Here it is in case anyone else finds it useful.

Unfortunately Google Maps paginates objects on maps in a way that makes them difficult to work with, so I split the map into two pieces. You can combine the pieces into a single map by visiting each (which adds them to the dropdown menu in the upper right under the Satellite/Map button), viewing one and then selecting the other in that menu.

View San Francisco neighborhoods north in a larger map

View San Francisco neighborhoods south in a larger map

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